Can confirm a Samsung UA55F6400 model works with netflix natively. Thanks to Harvey Norman and GEM monthly no deposit 12 months interest free ! Different geo versions worked fine with respect to UK or America, Norway, had them all working.

Using DNSUNBLOCK with the DNS server only on the TV.

I never did get the Samsung UA40D6600 working, and even took the chance and updated the firmware to 1025. Still wouldnt work. One thing I didnt try was converting the TV region to NZ, which deletes all the prior Apps, and then geo regioning it to UK which would pull down possibly a differnet client Netflix app.

I only learnt that trick with navigating the recent Netflix, proxy outage where a UK version Netflix app as opposed to the American version got it working straight away before all the ISP changes.

One thing I've learnt is once you have it working, then TURN OFF THE AUTO UPDATE ON THE SAMSUNG TV so it doesnt auto update the firmware. The manta if its not broke then dont touch it.