lyonrouge: Closing note: the DMR-BWT835GZ and DMR-PWT530GZ are significantly different units, much more so than the Product Comparison on the Panasonic website would indicate. Both have DLNA Server and Client functions, and although there is "Media Streaming" printed on the packaging of both, only the DMR-BWT835GZ is supported by the Panasonic DIGA Player (Android/iOS) software.

The DMR-BWT835GZ also continues to provide DR conversion functions (DMR-PWT530GZ does not). Also DMR-BWT835GZ provide analogue (composite) video while DMR-PWT530GZ does not.

The BWT720 does all that too except I think the DIGA Player software. Can't find it in the Manual but then there has been software updates since I bought it and I have nothing to try it on.
IMO the PWT530 seems to be a complete waste of time and money.

DIGA software for streaming works with the 720, but not remote record.

The 530 is at a good price point for those with simple PVR requirements, but I would expect it would be disappointing to most Geekzoners.