joker97: If you cared about sound quality you'd get one with

Thd <0.1% at 20-20000hz at ALL channels driven and not worry so much about W

If i were you i'd also get one with audyssey multEQ. But that will start a lengthy debate from rich folks.

Rich folks please bear in mind OP's budget

actually if you really cared about sound quality you would avoid audyssey and its ilk like the plague...

absolutely! if you have 100k to spend on speakers and room treatment

oh, i mis-read the op's budget

seriously, audyssey is a bandaid that applies rather gross adjustments that most of the time simply doesn't sound very good.

but it's a trendy label to add to the shopping list adorning modern avrs.

a test disc, spl meter and your ears will do a better job 99% of the time.

without $100k speakers and room treatments.

however i have found that physical adjustment of speaker placement and room to be more efficacious than electronic fiddling.