Thanks Steve.
I bought a TH-50CX700Z, it was a toss up between that and a 50" Sony with Android TV, I got the Panasonic because it was 4K even though I kept telling myself that didn't matter.
Great TV so far. It's played all the media files I've tried so far but they were just avi and mp4 files. Haven't got it directly accessing content on my computer yet, I haven't had time, looks like I need share the media folders, create a new user and grant access then use that on the tv. I also couldn't get a future show on ch3 to record, I used the Freeview guide, found show, pressed recond and it just starting recording what was currently playing, I'm sure it's easy, will have another look. I was also hoping you could pause live tv, but it doesn't, must just be a overseas models with twin tuners that can, I thought they all had built in storage.
No internet at new house yet, so haven't tried any smart features\apps.