Heres some more thoughts with my W2000 BenQ projector




Got some DLP 144z 3d glasses (4 pack) from eBay...they work great and are so much cheaper than official glasses! (link)

I always got tired of watching blockbusters at home, they were all so boring and 30 minutes was enough...


But now I'm watching them in 3D and wow, it's like being at the movies!  They're so much more watchable with 3D.


144Hz is only activated when your input is 24hz (so that means a PC needs to be set from 60hz to 24) this increases the glasses performance and viewing becomes less effected by rainbow effect, the downside is that judder is introduced as a 60hz PC running a 24fps movie was doing some kind of motion interpolation that was smoothing the movie out.  So you've got to choose, slightly more rainbowing at 60hz, or more judder at 24hz.


I'm viewing at about 85", I'm interested to see what it looks like at 150" or so with the projector further back.


Colours are just great and super accurate on this projector, in 2D and 3D.


There is quite a bit of fiddling around with a PC connected playing 3D content as if you want to get back into the UI you have to disable the 3D mode on the projector (which is multiple button presses to enable and same again to disable).


I've played a little of Rise of Tomb Raider in stereoscopic 3d mode and it's really cool, though I'm not 100% sure I would play it through in 3D - especially because a projector is really made to be shared and gaming is a solo activity.


I now have a 55"4K semi HDR compatible TV and movies are still so much better on this 1080P sRGB projector.  If you're trying to decide between a TV and a projector for evening movie watching for a dedicated room, choose a projector (though you will still need a TV in the lounge). 


I'm now looking at a 5.1 surround Blu-ray 3D system for the projector.  I'm waiting for a couple of the LG sets to come on discount as my budget is $5-600 (I love DLNA push (DMR) and Spotify integration) so I'm looking at either LG LHB755 or BH9540TW.  They'll drop in price soon I'm sure as it's coming up to clearance time - they've been that low before.  I'm on a budget so won't be looking at a non integrated system - and the projector doesn't support 4K so no point waiting for 4K HDR Blu-Ray.