Can you clarify re old copper network. I ran a bundle of cat6 in anticipation of fibre and planned to use my old copper network for the phone points. My new cat 6 wiring is all back to a patch panel and fed by a switch which in turn is fed by the router the isp supplied. So i have etp to ont to router to switch to patch panel. The voip connection was made by plugging in a phone cord from the specific voip connection on router into the old phone jack behind my desktop. The ont, switch and patch panel are all located together.

This voip from the router setup hasnt worked well for actrix as voip drops in and out for many customers ( according to actrix -and certainly happening to me). They indicated the router they supplied wasn't the best for voip and are now talking about some extra wiring to connect the copper and voip into the ONT and basically removing the router connection to the old copper phone circuit.

The issue is they talk as if this is expiremental and not tried before and they've trialled it locally on a few customers but still don't have it nailed ( again direct from their helpdesk ).

Is this a standard process for most installs re getting old copper network connected back in. They are talking about another 4 weeks plus which means no landline until that's resolved. Its been down for already 3 weeks.

Thanks for your advice