I grew up in Hokitika on the West Coast.  My parents had one of the first colour TV's in town.  We had just TV 1 & 2.  But because Hokitika could receive TV & FM signals from Christchurch, the community raised funds to buy it's own translator to place by the river and broadcast on Channel 11 that TV 3 kept promising for years and years to broadcast on.  It was decommissioned in late '97 when TV3 finally did launch across the Coast.  So the translator served the community well for several years.


I also used to pick up Australian TV stations Around Xmas time each year, via my FM Aerial (ABC I think).  Also Aussie FM Stations (Power FM, Sea FM etc).  And Chch FM stations, so I started a rebroadcast of More FM and a local station "Coast FM" covering Hokitika & Greymouth.  Later I sold the Frequency and name to Westport's Fifeshire FM for them to expand to Hoki/Grey.  They are still going today (one of the few remaining independent stations in the country).