Yeah, there is no auto mode on the samsung so get used to that blue button if you ever decide to watch maori tv on freeview or use sky with it.

I am in favour of a center crop on analog rather then the slightly letterboxed that they have at the moment, since it makes it clear to people that they are missing stuff and should shift to digital. If I was tvnz and 3 I would be making all the spots advertising programs have more of the name etc cropped off when on 4:3 just to push the fact that it is obsolete.

I am hoping that when freeview starts they preceed HD programs with a "available in widescreen higedefinition on freeview terrestrial" or something similar to push awareness to people that they are missing out, like they do on other networks which you will see when downloading things sometimes.

Sooner analog hits the threshold for closedown the better for all.