Ok So I bought one but i cant seem to get it to see me win10 shared folders. 


I even did a fresh install win10 but cant seem to figure out whats wrong.



As best I can tell, W10 is purely to blame here, it is very broken. Try installing the SMB server application from the OSMC add ons. Secondly, I think it is just the discovery of shares that is the issue, you should be able to put the exact address in of the shared folder and add it that way. That is the only way I could get it to work myself. I have tried having homegroups, no homegroups, master browser is set on my PI, SMBv1 etc etc, and still I struggle to get anything (not just the Vero) to see my W10 shares.



There have been some changes that have made things a little less workable out of the box; but you should be able to mount shares. Browsing however is now rather broken. 




I installed the SMB server app from osmc add ons but then what?


where do enter the address of shared folder?   the folder i want to share is eg  \\Altron\tv7  is that what the network address looks like? 



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