I don't have an audiophile's ears nor a videophile's eyes, which may explain the following:


I just cannot understand why someone would by a $2000 name brand TV ahead of a similarly spec'd $800 warehouse TV. They look about the same to me and all sound terrible. The Warehouse has a 3 year warranty and if the TV fails after that who cares, get another one!





+1 for some of those warehouse brands, they stock some good Sony screens, and IMO Sony is one of the best brands on the market. We still have a Full HD Sony 32" which we bought back in 2007 for a ridiculous high price from Dick Smiths. Its now in sons room, but its still working and looks as good as it did the day we bought it.





I have had good luck with sony LCDs. ALthough aren't the panels made by samsung?  Only one of my sonys is failing after about 7 years, it has developed some very fine horizontal lines in the top half of the screen that appears slightly darker than the rest of the picture, it is not a problem I have seen before. Enough to be annoying but it is still fully usable. But a 8 year old one, and a 5 year old one are still working fine.