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How do you tell edge lit from back lit? Looked at all the Samsungs in the shop - I don't seem to be able to tell.



If most of the panel area is really thin like an OLED it should be edge lit.



Try . Models can be different or differently named in different countries so sometimes the entries there may be misleading. Different sizes of what is marketed as the same model can be different such as the FX600 65" having a VA panel while the 55" has an IPS panel. Sometimes different sizes of the same model can be edge or direct lit.



If you buy an edge lit LCD avoid compressing or clamping on the panel area when picking up and moving the TV. Subtle damage while installing can cause some of the characteristic display problems associated with edge lits. By the same route some people have fixed their problems by strategically compressing areas on the panel.



If HDR becomes more common I'm sure they'll devise better ways of displaying it on edge lit TVs like the new double layer LCD panels.