re components: 

  +  Why a Q9300 if this is purely for HTPC use?  Surely an E7200 or at most E8400 at most would be adequate for HT use, at a much cheaper price?

  +  Any issues encountered due to only 2GB ram (presumably with Vista) ?


In my case it's not purely an HTPC because I tend to do a lot of multi-tasking (networked into my business) even while watching TV in a window so the extra processors are helping out somewhere. There was only an extra $120 dollars in it to get a Q vs E processor and I do not run to a strict budget when it comes to this sort of gear. My PC (including software such as AnyDVD HD and PowerDVD8) cost a bit over $2000 but we are talking multi-zone Blu-ray and TB storage (which I am about to double up on). I have not noticed any problems with 2GB of RAM. Four is a bit overkill at this stage and pointless with 32 bit Vista.