I have Mysky Hdi. Prior to Hdi I had mysky 1 and used to archive stuff to a DVD recorder. This has now blown up. Can anyone recommend the minimum specs HTPC hardware I would need to capture S-Video to an HTPC from the HDi as it sounds as though HD archiving is out of the question....



If you use a PCI card like a Hauppauge PVR150 that does MPEG2 encoding in hardware the minimum spec is just about any PC made this millenium ... the PC is then just writing the MPEG stream to the hard drive. Such a card costs about NZ$100 new ... and they are pretty bulletproof. There is a PVR-USB2 variant too.  Note that then you can easily make that MPEG file into a DVD to completely replace your DVD recorder.

But whatever you do, don't plug a TV aerial into the PVR card or use the IR blaster that comes with the card to change channel on the HDi ... or before you know it you'll be trying to type stuff into your computer using predictive text on the Hauppauge remote control, and having a minor nervous breakdown when a channel XYZ fails to download its EPG at 3am one Thursday morning ... then your partner stops talking to you because they can't find that movie you recorded on a Friday night about 19 weeks ago that they really wanted to see ... You've been warned. Smile

To say that another way, rapidly you end up wanting to watch FreeviewHD on this thing which requires enough bandwidth to make Seymour Cray (RIP) go cross eyed  ... and there are several threads about for what spec you need. I personally vote for something with cooling towers ...