Well to put the discussion into context

I have been backing up my HD-DVD collection to a server, mainly because the format is now dead, I don't play to replace the HD-DVD titles with BD and who knows long my HD-DVD player is going to last.

I initially thought I would just back them up and possibly just convert the DD+ or TrueHD audio on them to DD since it's much easier to play that way. The Popcorn can't play content with DD+ or TrueHD without converting to PCM and that takes up space.

Then out of interest compressed a few titles with megui (two pass and not that aggressive and downscaled them to 720p since my TV is only 720p). A quick A/B comparison showed little difference in PQ but size wise there is a great difference - from up to 20G down to 4-5G. And I  can do two pass encodes in about 10 hours which works fine for overnight.

So as you know, there are two steps you need to take to move content off the disc

1. Actually getting it off and that isn't so easy but there are tools out there
2. Recompressing them if you want to save space on your server, want to be able to stream over a wireless network (I can't stream 1080p over my wireless network but 720p works just fine) etc.

No plans to do that with my BD collection - no real need