Ah but isn't that the million dollar question.. depends who you ask. Pioneers product brocher or the real specs of the unit Wink

- specs will be accurate if they state
 x watt per channel with 7 channels driven with frequency range 20Hz-20kHz with a total harmonic distortion of < 0.08% at 8 ohms. anything less than the full statement and the number is overestimated. pioneer arent one of those that state that so your amp is even more underpowered than you think.

but I can assure you it never gets close to its max

so why do you need a 200W center speaker?

(Rega) Rates them at 100w but does say that with a good amp they can handle up to 300w Surprised

sound quality is not based on max wattage capability. if that's what he said he meant 100W root mean square and 300W peak power delivery.

It needs to be at least as powerful as the fronts and I would strongly suggest to make it 1.5 to 2 times as powerful

i think what you were trying to say was you need a good center speaker. lousy speaker = lousy movie experience. sound quality as i stress is not based on max power a speaker can handle - quality = speaker build, power = from amp!  also timbre matching helps with good movie experience