Nimma: Their shipping price has come down a lot and the US is pretty weak so you can probably get a decent deal.

I checked this week and got the shipping prices above.  Didn't check the 6.5s though.

As an aside, you may want to consider the Hill Signal Master ones.  They do 8" Kevlar rectangulars for around $240 retail, less if you're in the know.  I'll be going this way in my next house.  They just don't do a centre speaker, but I'm a big fan of getting a decent centre anyway, so will either make my own or opt for a better quality alternative supplier just for this one.

Also, might get centre speaker from here:

Neither 'audiophile' but I'm fairly confident when matched to a good sub and some appropriate receiver EQ the results should be impressive for the cost.  With kids I'll be saying good bye to the floor standers for a few years.