Got a PS3 as well, and watched a Bluray last night - looked fantastic.

I was also surprised at how good it's sounding, through the HTS but with only RCA stereo - missing out on proper surround sound but not going to rush out to get a new HTS.

After you get MySkyHDi, I would again recommend the very next purchase you make is HD capable receiver.

If you think the Blu-ray "looks" fantastic, wait to you hear the HD audio. To me, the HD audio is equal ( sometimes I think more, on certain Blu-rays ) to the fantastic picture. Only my opinion though. Congratulations on your purchases, enjoy.

Before purchasing any Blu-ray movies I always check Hi Def Digest, complete rundown on the features of most Blu-rays, not all are made equal.

agree with you about the Audio, first thing i look for now on blu- ray's is the  audio  , the best one i have heard is Hellboy 2 in 7.1 true digital sound, when they start firing the rockets, to hear them go down the speakers and then the sub-woofers kick in when they explode is why i bought the home theatre, fantastic