Update. Built new system with i3 2120 and gigabyte h67 motherboard. Media Player worked fine but media centre kept locking and crashing when reading media files.  After a week of reinstalling Windows 7 and tr ying both 32 bit and 64 bit versions I gave up. 
  Bought an Asus motherboard and all went well but using hVR 2200 card major pixelation. Tried 32 bit and 24 bit.  Back installed Windows 7 32bit and Avermedia Trinity. Right back where I started.  Only difference is the Asus motherboard. Hard drives, ram, athlon processor all the same. Using Asus chipset drivers but same ATI graphics drivers.   All working perfect now.  So either something wrong with gigabyte board or chipset drivers.  Dont know why i3 setup wouldnt work.  Very Happy now all working perfect.