My ceiling-mounted SP4800 DLP projector has done 4000 hours on its first bulb and about 1000 on a replacement (They said not genuine but made by the same factory as the Infocus bulbs). Worked fine for about 6 months since the bulb change but now I get intermittent whirring noise tending towards the sound of a miniature chainsaw off and on. Sometimes it's quiet, othertimes not. When the projector starts up it shows bleached out horizontal bands of the expected image, and then eventually no image at all. However, and don't laugh, if I stand on the couch and reach up and squeeze the back of the projector with both hands, holding my mouth right, I can ping it back to picture-perfect. If I do this sqeezing a few times (once it has warmed up for about five minutes) the projector stabilises and I can enjoy a whole movie without any further problem. I have totally disassembled the projector three or four times, checked each PC board for cracks and bad solder joints but can't find any problem. Tempted to put some CRC in the fans and the colour wheel spindles but can't really get that far into those components to put it in the right place with any confidence. So there we have it... everything looks fine, no melting or anything, no cracks visible, yet a bit of pressure here and there and it works like new. However, I'm starting to get sick of having to start it in such an unusual way, and the noise gets scary sometimes! Can't afford that new Panasonic yet! Just wondered if anyone out there has any advice.