Hi there


Im a 46 year old English woman now living in NZ. I started work at 19 as a secretary, then went onto working for a publishing company, as a secretary, then upskilled through night classes/correspondence courses, as a production editor then progressed to doing web design/layout (graphic not programming), in Uk until I was made redundant in 2001. I came to NZ in 2007, leaving behind in Uk a very successful decorating business, and now find myself, having to go back into the work place, after my husband walked out on me and our very young son.


Due to none of my UK qualifications being recognised, Im having to upskill and gain a NZ qualification in order to get work, so Im currently doing a part time course in Microsoft Office, (which ends April) and also a home correspondence course in NZ flower essences, to run along side my Uk qualification as a Reiki Master (5 years to qualify), as this qualification isn’t recognised in NZ either.


So in order to get myself OFF benefits, Im trying to get myself two NZ qualifications in different fields to double my chances of getting either full or part time work. The office qualification is a necessary given, as it keeps WINZ off my back, however my true passion is healing work, so Im also looking for help from someone here is very skilled and knowledgeable in Microsoft Access.


Im trying to devise and set up a database that pulls together all the information on each of the 84 essences (each essence has 3 pages of information, specific conditions), so that searching for a clients “problem areas” is made easy. Unlike the 38 Uk flower essences, NZ ones are very complex, which will require a very sophisticated database to pull the information together, and so far Im not that proficient. So if somebody can help me I would be very grateful.


So heres hoping there is someone here that can assist, and in return if somebody requires a healing then you only need to ask.


Thank you