I'm looking at buying a new laptop and i'm just curious as to what people think I may get for my old one. I have no price in mind and I really don't have the knowledge to say what it is worth now days. 

Below are some specs, it was bought from PB Tech around 2 years ago, 

Photo's here: 


The back left hinge is very loose and flexes the back plastic keyboard surround up when opened, I haven't attempted to fix it as I have been using as a desktop plugged into monitor. 


• 14" WXGA LED Screen 
• Core i5 430M 2.26GHz Processor 
• 4GB DDR3-1066 Ram 
• 500GB SATA HDD Hard Drive 
• DVD Super Multi Optical Drive 
• GeForce 320M 1024MB GFX 
• Acer BGN WiFi 
• 2.8Kg 
• Running windows 7

Any advice is appreciated, I really am not expecting much as I know how fast technology moves on. I could just list on trademe for $1 reserve but I wouldn't mind finding out a ballpark figure first to see the risk.

Thanks in advance for any help!