Hello guys :)

I currently have a desktop with 4GB DDR2, a Q9400 processor, Solid State Drive and I think a 540 or 550 generation GeForce from memory. On it I play strategy such as Xcom, Civ, Total War and one MMORPG Guild Wars 2.

I was thinking of updating my desktop to an i5/i7 with DDR3 however I may be moving country and a desktop is hard to take so was thinking of selling my desktop for parts (Perhaps keep the SSD) and use some cash to buy a gaming Laptop I can take with me. I don;t know a lot about the current Laptop market but I don't want to downgrade from the performance I currently get on the Desktop. Otherwise I might just keep the desktop and then sell and buy a desktop overseas.

What would I be looking at as I know Laptop used to be poor compared to their Desktop counterparts and expensive but I don't want to spend $3000 on a Laptop. Would really appreciate your advice.

Thank you,