mattwnz: I thought schools required kids now to get ipads. For someone to have both at that age is over kill not to mention expensive. But an apple mac book or air maybe a good option as they are well built to a business grade and good compatibility.

While you are handing out thousands of dollars of gear to a 9 year old, could I get some too?

iPads are more than 700 dollars, macbooks start at crazy and head north from there.

No school I have come across require iPads, if they did I would expect a massive subsidy or tell them to get knotted.

My reccommendation is to keep an eye on graysonline.co.nz - you can normally get 2nd hand previous gen i5-i7 laptops, usually with dedicated graphics too for $600-700.

I am running on a $600 laptop - i5, 8gb, radeon 7650m, 750gb hdd. 17" screen, 1600x900. HP Probook.

that way WHEN it gets broken it isn't a big deal.

There are schools now requiring kids to get an ipad. It was in the news a lot last year.

If you read my earlier port, I wouldn't be getting a 9 year old a laptop, apart from maybe an exlease one for a couple of hundred, which should do everything minus games. I think kids need to be supervised when using a  computer. When I as a kid in the 80's, our computer was supervised and in the lounge. Even 600-700 is too expensive IMOH, when you can buy something new for that price, especially as it will more than likely get broken. Trademe have companies selling exlease ones a lot cheaper.
But the OP sounded like money wasn't really an issue ($1000 and more to get something suitable), so if that is the case, a macbook, which are very well built, to a business grade, could be a good option, and the macbook airs are around $1500 with all day battery life too, which is great if taking it to school, and not needing to charge it. It will also be good with their iphone and ipad.