I've noticed a weirdness with my SP3 over the last few weeks.  If I use the pen or my finger on the touchscreen, it sometimes doesn't respond.  General touch works - scrolling, moving around the desktop, but selecting with the cursor, closing windows, etc, seem not to register.  However, using a mouse or the touchpad on the keyboard always works.  It's an intermittent problem, which makes it really hard to diagnose.  Has anyone else had this kind of problem?


It's not on the latest edition of W10.  I had been holding off on the Creators Update after my wife had some issues with the latest version on her desktop, but also because the update hadn't arrived automatically via Windows Update.  I got the notification earlier this week, though, that it was now ready to install.  It's possible that the Creators Update will fix the problem, but I'd like to try and fix the problem before potentially complicating matters with any other issues that may arise with the Creators Update.