Hi everyone,

Following a misplaced question in my introduction, I thought I would add this topic in the right place.

chuckie: I have an ipod touch, and would like to put dvd's onto it. I believe I need to rip the dvd and convert it to the format for the ipod? Can anyone recomend a decent free converter?

I've tried a couple of different free software programs (Videora and Jodix) but always had problems with the sync between sound and motion. Handbrake is another program that springs to mind (haven't used it myself), but do a web search and I'm sure you'll find loads more.

Because of the sync problems I experienced I ended up getting some software from Xilisoft (not free but wide range of product/price choices) and haven't had any problems since.

Having tried a few free converters and dvd rippers, I would recomend  that buying a decent program as suggested would be a good way to go. That said, I would like to add this is for my own dvd's, ones I actually own and want to put on the ipod touch. Not for general ripping off of dvd's. I have been successful in getting dvd's onto the ipod touch, but its a long process. In time I will be adding a software program to my library of software to do this. Not just a free version which is never as good as the proper product.

It is sad that apple are so paranoid that we can only use itunes to load/remove things from your ipod touch. Would be nice to use other things as well.