my current mp3 player is quickly dieing and i have decided to get a iPod touch.

Being a apple product there is not much if any difference store to store. i found the site who have it for $647 rather then $659. does anyone have any experence with that site? i have tryed searching for epinions about them but have not been able to find anything

i would just go to a store and get one but i have had bad experences with the noel leeming group reguarding warranty issues, and would rather not get one from them.

i am going to try dse and see if they can move on the price if i pay with cash but i doubt they can as i know they have small markup on apple product.

does anyone know of another reputible place to buy the ipod touch from.

$650 may not seems like alot to some of you but to me it is and have been saving for a while.

if i hear good things about totallymac i will go through them if not i will try dse if they cant do a discount i think i will buy direct from the apple site.