Hi folks,

I have an (old) MP3/WMA player that has been perfectly good for listening to music, albeit just 128Mb. The unit is an i-Spirit.

I have tried to use it for DMR 'protected' files, but of course it will not play such ... the newer MP3/WMA players seem to have DMR permission in their software/firmware.

My question is, can an older player unit like mine have new software installed that will allow it to continue funtioning as a music player, including DMR titles (particularly audio/eBooks)?

When I first obtained the unit, by accident I reformated the flash drive and wiped the music player software from it, but the accompanying support disk contained the two files that reinstalls that funtion, namely $nanfla$.ugr and $norfla$.ugr.  When connected to a PC, these files cannot be seen, so I assume they have "flashed" an internal chip?

Can these files be updated from some source?  Is there a portable media player or flash application that can be installed instead, something like WinAmp Lite, to allow the DMR file playback?