Here comes mirasol - outdoor screen viewable in the brightest direct sunshine.   First being sold  in the Kyobo reader but with a $billion dollar factory under construction, Qualcomm will soon be selling mirasol for mobile DeVices such as iPad/Android/Windows - Nokia and anything else which has a screen which needs to be viewable in outdoor light.   

The Kyobo reader is now on sale in Korea.    As an investor in Qualcomm, this is the most exciting news for years from them.   Snapdragon, Krait, Gobi are good, [in fact amazing], but just a continuation of 20 years of mobile Cyberspace asic development.   

Qualcomm bought Iridigm in 2003 and has been doing development work since.   They renamed it mirasol. Qualcomm is located on Mira Mesa in San Diego and the sol part is self-explanatory.   Mira also sounds like mirror which is the mechanism by which the colours are formed - interference patterns caused by micro mechanical reflective surfaces inside the screen being moved.      

Because mirasol requires little electricity, the battery life is much greater, or it can be smaller, lighter and cheaper, plus the battery will go through fewer cycles per year so will last longer.