Bought the NC for my son when shopping in a B&N store. Had thought about an e-reader for him and decided the Nook would be better than a Kindle because it's easier to buy content for the Nook in NZ and not be constrained by Geo restrictions on content. Plus the Nook runs Android which is a plus. I also looked at the Kindle Fire but that would hard to use in NZ and get access to the content.

The NC is a nice device but even nicer when we downloaded a ROM for it and booted ICS (Cyanogen 9) for it. ICS runs quite well on it given its modest CPU. We didn't flash the device but just boot from a SD card.

As an aside there was an additional bonus. When the Nook is running the standard software we would have to pay $2.99 for Angry Birds. But booted into ICS the game is free from the Android market. That alone makes the effort worth doing!