The backhaul is going as fast as the equipment can go from my understanding so it would require a new conklin for new capacity to be added.  For tha first Chorus would require end-of-life equipment (another conklin) to be sourced, require a resource consent and council permission to build a whole new cabinet next to the existing one doubling the current footprint which is very tightly controlled by the local council.  Then  re-routing half the cables from the current cabinet to the new one and assuming there was sufficient capacity for the new backhaul.... Why would you go to all that cost and effort for a end of life device to service a small number of customers?

Understood. Except that in my case (Turakina) the exchange occupies a small building where there is presumably room for the extra equipment, so consent issues wouldn't come in to play. I don't know what pertains at West Melton and other similar regions.

So the Conklin gear can't be run at higher backhaul speeds? This is the nub of the problem then. In all these discussion, people seem to assume that we are wanting upgrades to adsl2+ etc. That simply isn't the case, just a properly fed adsl service would be lovely...

colinuu: Bottom line is We expect the RBI to allow retail service providers to deliver urban prices to rural customers. I contend that this expectation is not being met, least of all by Vodafone themselves.

Isn't RBI a 5 year project... and we're only into year 1??? And aren't you getting a new cabinet under RBI?... So isn't Chorus (not Vodafone) doing what they said they would do?

What I mean is - where the VF RBI service is currently available, the pricing doesn't appear to meet the expectation (unless you are comparing with urban prices of a year ot two ago)