I was playing around with the TG589vn v2 modem last night & found out the following;
The web GUI a lot quicker & more responsive than the TG582n
Still need some patience however, moving too fast can cause lockups,& it rebooted a couple of times for me :-)
Content Sharing;
An NTFS 2TB disk works OK
3TB disk is a no go however, it shows -ve disk space stats!
If you use Managed disk, you cannot see the root anymore, so move the files beforehand.
I can't see a way to rebuild the database from CLI?

Anyone got the contentsharing upnp radiostation CLI commands to work?
I had no joy, maybe it's my client?
Printersharing works as expected, same with dynDNS.
FTP - I can't login to,
I can login as administrator to, but nothing to see.

Anyone who has also had a play, had any more luck than me?