We were in the Gold Coast for the past two weeks and my wife was using the Spark $39 roaming pack.  Very nice and ideal for a holiday  how ever the back end   updates system needs some work.  While the data and SMS side of things updated  within a few minutes both the outgoing and incoming minutes  took days to update.   My wife went over the OG minutes ($7.40 worth)   but wasn't aware of it until she go  a text  about 16 hours later say as much   but the minute count didn't update until next day.   She didn't use all her inbound minutes   but  as it was her mother who was calling her and she was on spark I was able to keep an eye on her minutes on her plan and compare it to the wife's roaming minutes.   As at yesterday  about 3 days after the last incoming call the inbound minutes had not updated .  I can't check it at present as the Spark billing system is down  all morning..