I am still getting calls from clients trying to do change overs or caught in the change over.


Pop3 refuses to authenticate correct usernames / passwords. It may work once or twice then fails many times. Spark says to set server timeout to 3 minutes as part of the remedy but even that fails.


Setting client back to using pop.yahoo.com and full email address fixes the issues but hellishly slow responses.




Setting xtra with a wrong password as a test - times out but the same test against yahoo comes back with an instant fail. There are authentication issues going on.


Spark still haven't resolved some boxes pop locked or locked by another process issue. Got escalated to yahoo weeks ago.


iMap, pop all very intermittent for some clients. 3 people in the same room, all with three different email addresses but tied to the same account can have different experiences and then swap symptoms and issues.


Talking to spark help desk people at the gym - they are getting bombed with over flow calls and still major issues with this whole process. They do not look happy.




I have three clients who 7 - 10 days down the track are still not resolved.