Just figured I'd add my two cents here. I opened a case on March 31st for connection issues. I heard back from them pretty quickly, and sent them requested information (traceroutes, etc...), and they responded that they were chasing it up with Chorus as it definitely looks like a connection issue on their end, not mine. That was the 5th of April. 

On the 20th of April I sent them an email asking for an update, as I hadn't heard anything back at all since the 5th. I got a response today to that request, a full 23 days later... I don't know what most people consider a "reasonable" amount of time for a response, but 23 days is completely inexcusable to me. 


I used to be a huge BigPipe fan boy, but the recent issues I've had not only with my connection but getting a response from them, has really turned me off to them. It seems a whole lot has changed with them in recent months, and not for the better. It's unfortunate to see.