Having been following this thread, for a while I can pick nunz's next response.


He has been there and done that with business plans and SLA's and paid money for support - which he doesn't rate that highly.


Bigpipe has in the past been very responsive and competent hence he was happy with them.  As noticed in this thread (and others), the Bigpipe move from Spark Ventures back into the Spark 'mothership' has led to a decrease in the quality of support given.


Agreed that in this thread he appears to come across as a demanding git at times.  But I can also see that is generally out of frustration.


He DOES have a process to replace the modem if necessary - but at this point (according to him) there is no evidence pointing to the need for that, while there is a wealth of evidence pointing to outside problems.  No response from the support to verify / validate that evidence to give him a REASON to check out the modem.


I think what we all really want is https://xkcd.com/806/





That xkcd is so funny.   reminds me of the time port 25 was blocked by tcom and because we had a Lotus domino mail server instead of .... nuff said ...xkcd... way too close to the truth.