Spyware: What error message do you get in Kodi when you go "Add network location..." and give the IP address and share name of W7 machine???


I can't give you a quick answer to that, reason being I'm used to involving workgroups in network sharing situations.


So, when I first fired up the Vero it appeared to recognize two groups: WORKGROUP (being the Windows default) and COMPLOC (being the workgroup I created years ago when Win 98 and XP were fussier about group memberships, and which I've used ever since.


So when I 'browse' and these two workgroups pop up, I assume they're the first link in the network path, and try to enter by clicking OK. But the result from both is invariably the same: 'INVALID ARGUMENT'. 


At which point I go and play Freecell while I calm down :-)


I might add that this Vero problem has been going on for 4-5 months now. Fortunately I have a couple of old Western Digital media players. These ancient machines have absolutely no issues with the network, but have age-related weaknesses that will soon render them completely redundant. Like not being able to play the x265\HEVC video format.


EDIT: Paul1977, I agree with your comments. I'm beginning to think that creating a new Windows user that DOES require a password might be the only way to go.  


Spyware: You've mentioned this, too, and I've seen it talked about on the KODI forum.


I still don't understand why KODI chose to develop Linux, especially when (AFAIK) the KODI system started off as the XBOX OS, which was a Microsoft product.


Come to that, I don't understand why an OS with the limited popularity of Linux has ended up a major player in turf wars like this, especially when it could have been developed to cohabit with Windows, which is, after all, the most widely used OS in the world (if you don't count Android on phones and TVs).


Seems somewhat elitist to me. Reminds me of French people I've met who refuse to speak English, even though they understand it perfectly well.