Hi All,


I just wanted to wade in here and provide a bit of clarification.


At the onset of a Fibre install, when you first sign up, your broadband provider should be asking if you wish to keep the copper lead in or if it’s no longer desired.


This detail is relayed to our technicians during the install process and they will either remove it or leave it as requested.


In the case of aerial installs, if the copper is being retained, they should be replacing the existing copper with a hybrid (copper/Fibre) cable to avoid adding extra lines.




Once the Install of Fibre is complete if you then decide to have the copper removed, there will be a cost involved. This is to cover sending a technician and his work time to remove the cable.




In saying that, if we have installed an aerial Fibre line and the technician has left the copper as a separate aerial span, this is not correct and we would be happy to look into getting it resolved. You are welcome to send us a direct message with your address and a photo showing the two separate cables.