wasabi2k: Just had quite possibly the best customer service I have ever had from an ISP.

I logged a fault on their online faults form.
I got a call on the phone number I used less than 5 minutes later.
Really friendly girl told me she would put me through to broadband team.
Waiting on hold for a few minutes - she said it looks like there is a queue, so she would wait and get them to call me back!
broadband team called me back 5 minutes later
explained issue - they have a notice about intermittent access issues to google and facebook - guy is escalating this now.

freaking awesome.

Wow - was this Telecom?

Not sure why the surprise. Telecom's help desk has been much better in the last few years. A lot of people had bad experiences with them, left their services but did not "update" their impressions since them, perpetuating something that's more of an "urban legend" these days.