[20:00] <freitasm> Welcome to the Geekzone Weekly Chat!
[20:00] <freitasm> Today we had our first - and last - day of registrations for the Geekzone 2006. We have 44 seats available
  due to the size of the venue (Paramount Cinema, Wellington) and we had to be very strict about this number. 50% of those were
  gone in the first hour, and all seats were gone before mid afternoon. This jut goes to show next time we will need a bigger
  venue, and more sponsors.
[20:00] <freitasm> .
[20:00] <freitasm> Talking about sponsors, we have to send big thanks to Symantec, flashcards.co.nz and Telecom New Zealand for
  coming with us in this journey. We have another sponsor which I can not name until I have their firm commitment.
[20:00] <freitasm> .
[20:01] <freitasm> But it's not Vodafone New Zealand!
[20:01] <freitasm> .
[20:01] <freitasm> Currently we have two speakers confirmed: Jay Templeton talking about Media at home (thing NAS, PVR, Windows
  Media Center, Media Computers) and Juha Saarinen talking about blogs and internet media.
[20:01] <freitasm> .
[20:01] <freitasm> We have the firm intention from Telecom New Zealand (Jama will be there talking to us!) and Microsoft
  (Nathan Mercer will talk to us about Windows Vista). We will post this in the Geekzone 2006 blog
  (www.geekzone.co.nz/geekzone06) later when they send us more details of their personal lives!
[20:01] <freitasm> .
[20:01] <freitasm> We are also working on a keynote speaker. More details soon!
[20:01] <freitasm> .
[20:01] <freitasm> After the event we will have dinner. Closer to the date we will update the blog with more information on
[20:01] <freitasm> .
[20:01] <freitasm> Thanks all for your support. Without you guys we can't have these folks coming to talk to us.
[20:01] <freitasm> .
[20:01] <freitasm> !massvoice
[20:01] <geekbot> Voicing all users...
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v bradstewart
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v Cokemaster
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v freitasm
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v barf
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[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v Chirs
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v GZNeoTech
[20:01] <GZNeoTech> good evening all
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v JAMMAN2110
[20:01] * Cokemaster sets mode: -m
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v Jp9
[20:01] * JAMMAN2110 wants to meet juha
[20:01] <NokiaRocks> HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v korora
[20:01] * geekbot sets mode: +v ljbade[away]
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v Mohua
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v muppet
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v NokiaRocks
[20:02] <JAMMAN2110> lol @ nr
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v retardinator3
[20:02] * geekbot sets mode: +v TerrorByte
[20:02] <Chirs> lol ;)
[20:02] <Jp9> it'll be intresting putting a few faces to names. of course the fact i'm horrible with names and faces doesn't
  help. lol
[20:02] <freitasm> So folks, did everyone here get in?
[20:02] <NokiaRocks> yep
[20:02] <bradstewart> yeah
[20:02] <GZNeoTech> nope
[20:02] <freitasm> jp9, we will have name tags :)
[20:02] <Jp9> 4L3aughs 4O3ut 4L3oud
[20:02] <NokiaRocks> release the list!
[20:02] <Jp9> yeah, i'm in the list.
[20:02] <JAMMAN2110> accoriding to your automated email system .. yes
[20:02] <Jp9> altho thought i did it in the afternoon. lol
[20:02] <JAMMAN2110> <NokiaRocks> release the list! <-- SECONDED! :D
[20:03] <NokiaRocks> i did mine about 12.30
[20:03] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:03] <GZNeoTech> hard to register when you're working away from the office
[20:03] * JAMMAN2110 did mine 48 seconds after it wass launched officially
[20:03] <Chirs> ahh, MF, if anyone withdraws, put me first in the queue to take their place? :D
[20:03] <JAMMAN2110> no
[20:03] <Chirs> lol
[20:04] <freitasm> chris, you didn't make it?
[20:04] <NokiaRocks> we dont want you there
[20:04] <Chirs> lmao
[20:04] <bradstewart> neotech needs in
[20:04] <freitasm> Oh... I saw the other chris, chris021 on the list...
[20:04] <GZNeoTech> spent the last few weeks arranging funds and sitters all for naught..
[20:04] <freitasm> He was here last year as well...
[20:04] <freitasm> Oh...
[20:04] * NokiaRocks joined GZ to find codes for his Nokia 3586i years ago :p
[20:05] <GZNeoTech> shyte happens.. copiously
[20:05] <freitasm> Sorry folks... Can you please send me an email to freitasm@ the domain... I will keep an eye on
  cancellations and contact you.
[20:05] <freitasm> As for a list... I will release a list with first name/city...
[20:06] * JAMMAN2110 was just talking about the sponsors to this guy, he proceeded to ask "so how does it all get paid for?"
[20:06] <freitasm> Who was the guy?
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> first name cuty + GZ username?
[20:06] <JAMMAN2110> Alex ... noobismaximus
[20:06] <Chirs> lol j
[20:06] <freitasm> H
[20:07] <Cokemaster> Changing the subject - Interesting news in Juhas blog about Xtra simply being a brand of Telecom...
[20:07] <NokiaRocks> dont put names :p
[20:07] <NokiaRocks> coke: HA!
[20:07] <Chirs> you mean juHA?
[20:07] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:07] <GZNeoTech> Telecom are twisting things to suit themselves already
[20:07] <Cokemaster> Yes
[20:07] <freitasm> Of course they are.
[20:07] <bradstewart> fair enough from their point of view
[20:07] <JAMMAN2110> i have a feeling we all predicted that ...
[20:07] <GZNeoTech> was only a matter of time
[20:08] <Cokemaster> Hmm, I didn't expect them to start twisting the words so early
[20:08] <JAMMAN2110> cokemaster, im shocked!
[20:09] <Jp9> i always took it as a given. you want to connect to xtra, you ring telecom.
[20:09] <Cokemaster> Well, you rang through xtras numbers etc
[20:09] <GZNeoTech> oh? I thought the number had Xtras name next to it
[20:10] <Jp9> lol, or 123 and they happily transferred you to dialup, or jetstream, etc,etc.
[20:10] <Cokemaster> You didn't dial Telecoms 123 most of the time
[20:10] <Jp9> ;p
[20:10] <Jp9> not most of the time, but it still works. well last time i tried anyway
[20:10] <bradstewart> i think people are taking it the wrong way. xtra = telecom. always has been that way
[20:10] <bradstewart> its nothing new
[20:10] <freitasm> And what about the invoice? You receive a Telecom New Zealand invoice, with Telecom New Zealand GST number
  on it...
[20:10] <Jp9> this is true.
[20:10] <Chirs> lol well of course they would, they just saw their xtra bill in their telecom bill and thought, "oh telecom,
  they !pwn xtra"
[20:11] <bradstewart> xtra bill + telecom bill = 1 not 2
[20:11] <freitasm> !pwn xtra
[20:11] <geekbot> OMG!!! ROFLCOPTER!!1111111one33se7en - xtra ju57 g0t PWNED... http://xtra.justgotowned.com
[20:11] <JAMMAN2110> LOL
[20:11] <Chirs> lol
[20:12] <Jp9> bugger. just reading on stuff. petrol up 38cents since the beginning of the year...
[20:12] <Cokemaster> Yep
[20:12] <NokiaRocks> oh well, atleast woosh is finally hitting the headlines for good reason
[20:12] <GZNeoTech> $116 to fill on sunday
[20:12] <Cokemaster> Oil companies will probably post record profit next year
[20:12] <bradstewart> the woosh and sky deal probably wont go ahead
[20:12] <Chirs> it won't
[20:12] <Cokemaster> "?2006 Xtra Limited. "
[20:13] <GZNeoTech> oil companies are posting nice tidy profits
[20:13] <NokiaRocks> atleast woosh is looking like it can move to wimax
[20:13] <freitasm> As I read on Fark other day "Gas up 30% this year. Profits up 30% this year"...
[20:13] <GZNeoTech> that'd be right
[20:13] <bradstewart> only if the givernment doesnt decide to re-auction the spectrum
[20:13] <bradstewart> heh givernment. yeah right, they dont give anything
[20:13] <NokiaRocks> they might have 30% cut costs elsewhere though
[20:13] <Cokemaster> Doubt it
[20:14] <GZNeoTech> you working for Shell nok?
[20:14] <NokiaRocks> OPEC should be made to unbundle so i can start my own fuel company
[20:14] <Cokemaster> Their 'cut' or profit would be a percentage of the price or something.... so as prices go up - so those
  their profit
[20:14] <NokiaRocks> nope, would work at BP if i even had to work in a gas station in my life
[20:15] <Cokemaster> so does*
[20:15] <Jp9> i'd throw a few other comments in there but it's rapidly heading off topic (btw: do we have a topic?
[20:15] <Jp9> )
[20:15] <Cokemaster> Not really
[20:15] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:15] <NokiaRocks> lets just add random things so the log looks funny
[20:15] <Cokemaster> The CSS invasion on the Geekzone blogs has started
[20:15] <JAMMAN2110> i have a  topic!
[20:15] <freitasm> Well about the Geekzone Blogs
[20:16] <Jp9> css obfuscation from what i read. ;p
[20:16] <JAMMAN2110> ok i can wait..
[20:16] <Cokemaster> Chiefie, Tony, and brad have all added custom CSS to their blogs
[20:16] <Cokemaster> To great effect
[20:16] <freitasm> The idea is really that you mike it an individual thing.
[20:16] * NokiaRocks was thinking of starting a blog
[20:16] <freitasm> But of course trying to keep it "geeky". Taniwha for example loves to put pictures there.
[20:16] * JAMMAN2110 needs stuff to make his blog worth existing
[20:16] <GZNeoTech> actually started looking at css myself.. just in case I get the inclination to start blogging
[20:17] <bradstewart> im on version 3 of my blog
[20:17] <JAMMAN2110> Taniwha's BIRTHDAY TODAY!
[20:17] <freitasm> But I have not changed mine from the default. It's about content as well...
[20:17] <NokiaRocks> wow
[20:17] <freitasm> Yes, saw that... Happy Birthday!
[20:17] <bradstewart> freitasm should be leading the way with the CSS....
[20:17] <GZNeoTech> happy birthday Taniwha
[20:17] <JAMMAN2110> ok the said bday person is not present...
[20:17] <freitasm> And that's what Juha is going to talk to us. Content on the Internet (you know, those tubes)...
[20:17] <Chirs> can you please put your hand up, taniwha, i do not know who you are
[20:18] <bradstewart> ahhh the pipes.....
[20:18] <freitasm> Taniwha is the local geekette...
[20:18] <JAMMAN2110> taniwha going to 06?
[20:18] <bradstewart> dont see a lot of her on the forums anymore
[20:18] <freitasm> She's the one that last year at the Geekzone dinner was using SSH from her Palm...
[20:18] <freitasm> Nah, she's not registered...
[20:18] <bradstewart> thats geeky...
[20:18] * NokiaRocks will save up all the linux isos to download at GZ06 :p
[20:18] <JAMMAN2110> oh
[20:18] <freitasm> But I am thinking that people could join us for dinner, if not for the sessions.
[20:19] <JAMMAN2110> good idea
[20:19] <GZNeoTech> LOL
[20:19] <freitasm> Obviously we have some limits, but not as for the lounge...
[20:19] <Jp9> so what made the 44 restriction? the event itself, or dinner?
[20:19] <GZNeoTech> "hey wifee.. just off to Wellington for dinner"
[20:19] <JAMMAN2110> venue
[20:19] <freitasm> The venue. We hired a cinema lounge, and the size is 44 seats.
[20:19] <NokiaRocks> i'll take care of your wife
[20:19] <GZNeoTech> from auckland.......
[20:19] <GZNeoTech> I already do.. thanks though
[20:19] <Jp9> 4O3K
[20:19] <bradstewart> im assuming that includes you and the speakers etc
[20:20] <freitasm> We could go for the big lounge, the one used by Trademe, and Microsoft... And charged accordingly :-(
[20:20] <JAMMAN2110> i take it next year the venue will bee closer to 100+?
[20:20] <freitasm> Nope. This is you guys. I am not sitting, neither I want the speakers to :)
[20:20] * NokiaRocks doesnt mind, as long as its free :p
[20:20] <Chirs> 44 seats in a cinema lounge, that'd mean sitting *NEXT* to each other
[20:20] <Chirs> that's hot
[20:20] * NokiaRocks bags sitting next to jj
[20:20] * Lokinz has joined #geekzone
[20:20] <geekbot> [Lokinz]: You're making love to the music I'm your DJ make you lose it Coz you love me. Yeah, you love me!
[20:20] <freitasm> Last year we had 20 people around for drinks and dinner. Very informal, a bar tab, Microsoft paid the
  dinner, decided on the moment.
[20:21] * JAMMAN2110 winks @ nokiarock
[20:21] <GZNeoTech> evening lokinz
[20:21] <Chirs> lol
[20:21] <freitasm> This year we wanted more people, so paying is a problem for some companies...
[20:21] <bradstewart> loki, hows it going
[20:21] <Jp9> yeah, i wish i'd seen the forum post bout that one.
[20:21] <Lokinz> Hey allo :)
[20:21] <Lokinz> not to bad aye, you?
[20:21] <freitasm> But if we show up there in a nice group, it makes grounds for next year (or next 6 months?) event to be a
  bigger one.
[20:21] * NokiaRocks hopes that he doesnt show up to a room of white pimply people all wearing glasses
[20:21] <Lokinz> Justin Importing some video
[20:22] <Jp9> 4L3augh 4M3y 4A3ss 4O3ff 4n3okiarocks
[20:22] <freitasm> Nope, the cinema is with sofas, not seats...
[20:22] <freitasm> Nice and spacious!
[20:22] * NokiaRocks bags a sofa with JJ
[20:22] <GZNeoTech> anyine from Auckland make the registration?
[20:22] <bradstewart> individual sofas i hope
[20:22] <NokiaRocks> 5 people neo
[20:22] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:22] <freitasm> Stats: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/geekzone06/967
[20:22] <Cokemaster> NokiaRocks and JAMMAN2110 scare me
[20:22] <Jp9> interesting url..
[20:22] <freitasm> My wife suggested a Geekzone event every 6 months.
[20:22] <Jp9> http://www.geekzone.co.nz/404.asp?404;http://www.geekzone.co.nz:80/geekzone06/967
[20:22] <Jp9> 404's?
[20:22] <bradstewart> 21 from wellington???
[20:22] <JAMMAN2110> coke - seriously?
[20:22] <freitasm> Redirection.
[20:23] <bradstewart> MF what happened to the blog addresses?
[20:23] <freitasm> ?
[20:23] <Jp9> Upper Hutt's wellington too. :)
[20:23] <Cokemaster> JAMMAN2110, not really but some of the comments made tonight.... :p
[20:23] <bradstewart> well now we are seeing the 404...
[20:23] * bradstewart sets mode: +v Lokinz
[20:23] <Jp9> and lower hutt. porirua.   so umm. 27 from great wellington, not bad.
[20:23] <Lokinz> ty
[20:23] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:23] <freitasm> Not all the time. Only on Macs or if it's the first page you visit on a blog....
[20:23] <JAMMAN2110> lol coke
[20:23] <NokiaRocks> me and jj dont mind sharing an individual sofa
[20:23] <bradstewart> too many from welly :-(
[20:23] <Lokinz> whats that about macs?
[20:23] <freitasm> More on this later, open another topic? Please remind me and ask!
[20:24] <JAMMAN2110> dont worry - your forgetting that im like a role model at school and a helpful person at a health clinic
  and a bitch to my boss
[20:24] <JAMMAN2110> ok
[20:24] <JAMMAN2110> what colour should i paint my currently beige cd player?
[20:24] <freitasm> By the way, as I said in the introduction, Jama is going to speak to us.
[20:24] <NokiaRocks> beige
[20:24] <JAMMAN2110> designs also welcome
[20:24] <NokiaRocks> off white!
[20:24] <Chirs> Templeton guy?
[20:24] <freitasm> But he made a point: no LLU and no Broadband plans discussions ;-)
[20:24] <freitasm> Jay?
[20:24] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:24] <Jp9> 4L3aughs 4O3ut 4L3oud
[20:25] <Cokemaster> How about the traditional Voda-Telecom cagefight?
[20:25] <Lokinz> Going hard, surfing the net, chatting on irc, listening to iTunes and importing DV video, not a stutter.
[20:25] <JAMMAN2110> lol @ coke
[20:25] <freitasm> Johnr confirmed and will be here... And Jama too... Johnr x Jama!
[20:25] * NokiaRocks will bring a release the trolls plackard
[20:25] <JAMMAN2110> CAT FIGHT!
[20:25] <Cokemaster> Excellent
[20:25] <Cokemaster> Money is down on John!
[20:25] <freitasm> NR, please do!
[20:25] <Chirs> lmao @ coke
[20:25] <NokiaRocks> will don be there talking about his community networks? :p
[20:25] <Lokinz> lol
[20:25] <JAMMAN2110> ditto
[20:25] <freitasm> Nope.
[20:25] <JAMMAN2110> http://www.geekzone.co.nz/tonyhughes/968 <- me wants to know more abnout this
[20:25] <NokiaRocks> damn
[20:26] <Lokinz> Are the registrations closed?
[20:26] <NokiaRocks> i had crab tomatos all ready to throw at him
[20:26] <JAMMAN2110> NR's damn seconded
[20:26] <freitasm> Yes, they are.
[20:26] <freitasm> Placards are ok, not tomatoes.
[20:26] <Jp9> hrm, does look interesting.
[20:26] <JAMMAN2110> fish sticks?
[20:26] <freitasm> Anywaym, Chris asked about Templeton? What do you want to know?
[20:27] <Chirs> you said Jama would be speaking
[20:27] * NokiaRocks needs to find a storm trooper suit to wear to GZ06
[20:27] <freitasm> Yes, Jama = Gary Rogers, Telecom New Zealand.
[20:27] * JAMMAN2110 needs big geeky plastic black glasses
[20:27] <freitasm> Jay Templeton = Mabode. Jay used to be a Microsoftie, manager for Windows Client in New Zealand.
[20:27] <Chirs> ahh nm
[20:27] <Chirs> thanks
[20:27] * NokiaRocks will donate his wifi card to tonys internet challenge :p
[20:28] <freitasm> He went to create a company that specialises in media server, NAS, media recorders, etc...
[20:28] <bradstewart> sounds good
[20:28] <JAMMAN2110> nice
[20:28] <bradstewart> what jama going to speak about?
[20:28] <freitasm> We also have Nathan Mercer (Microsoft) talking about Windows Vista.
[20:28] <Jp9> that's not the one in auckland that was doing the linux based mce units is it?
[20:28] <NokiaRocks> will TG be there?
[20:29] <freitasm> Mobile devices, new mobile devices, development, etc.
[20:29] <freitasm> TG? I asked for her to be the keynote, but I am not sure they took it seriously.
[20:29] * NokiaRocks throws out his "burn in hell" plackard then
[20:29] <JAMMAN2110> oh :(
[20:29] <freitasm> So I am arranging a keynote speaker from another Internet company.
[20:29] <JAMMAN2110> TCL?
[20:29] <freitasm> AS requested here a couple of weeks ago.
[20:29] <NokiaRocks> paradise's ceo
[20:29] <NokiaRocks> ooo slingshot woman?
[20:29] <freitasm> Can't say yet, until I have the confirmation at least.
[20:29] <Chirs> LMAOOOO
[20:30] <freitasm> No, not Presley. Gosh no!
[20:30] <NokiaRocks> damn
[20:30] <Chirs> Liz Presley
[20:30] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:30] <NokiaRocks> what am i suppose to throw these tomatos at
[20:30] <freitasm> NR, better throw the other plackard down now.
[20:30] <JAMMAN2110> presley would be funny - we'd all kill her with laughter
[20:30] <freitasm> And it's not Econet Wireless either :)
[20:30] <Jp9> heh
[20:30] <JAMMAN2110> NokiaROcks - theres always me... ;)
[20:30] <bradstewart> but Tex would be great
[20:30] <freitasm> Although I am sure Tony would love it.
[20:30] <NokiaRocks> woosh wireless?
[20:30] <Jp9> vf?
[20:30] <bradstewart> tony and text have a great relationship lol
[20:30] <NokiaRocks> orcon?
[20:30] <bradstewart> tex*
[20:31] <freitasm> If I say something, but the person confirms later, please don't complain...
[20:31] <freitasm> It's Seeby, Orcon's CEO.
[20:31] <JAMMAN2110> oooh
[20:31] <NokiaRocks> oh yeah, i was right
[20:31] <Jp9> interesting.
[20:31] <JAMMAN2110> shyknee!
[20:31] <NokiaRocks> 10 points to me!
[20:31] <GZNeoTech> that takes the cake
[20:31] <freitasm> VF? I told you they are not even interested in sponsoring....
[20:31] <bradstewart> seeby should be good
[20:31] * JAMMAN2110 feels slightly more freaked out by NRs secret powers
[20:31] <NokiaRocks> will we get stock options in our swag bag?
[20:31] <freitasm> That's for all of you that think VF is great...
[20:31] <Jp9> lol, well everyone else was throwing out names. :)
[20:31] <Cokemaster> Hmm
[20:32] <bradstewart> lol @ MF
[20:32] <JAMMAN2110> lol yes
[20:32] <freitasm> And I am not including Cokemaster ;-)
[20:32] <JAMMAN2110> whats in the SWAG MF? ;)
[20:32] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:32] <Jp9> vf is my personal phone, but mostly because i've been with them for years (ie: contact number)
[20:32] <bradstewart> !own cokemaster
[20:32] <geekbot> OMG!!! ROFLCOPTER111111111one33se7en - cokemaster just got OWNED... http://cokemaster.justgotowned.com
[20:32] <NokiaRocks> !own Presley
[20:32] <geekbot> OMG!!! ROFLCOPTER111111111one33se7en - Presley just got OWNED... http://Presley.justgotowned.com
[20:32] <Chirs> :/
[20:32] <Cokemaster> I was going to say....
[20:32] <Chirs> hey, lay off the !pwn, you're wasting bread
[20:32] <NokiaRocks> i'll give you bread
[20:32] <Chirs> i want presley's bread
[20:33] <NokiaRocks> you can have her ex husband
[20:33] <Cokemaster> So, what do people think about Tonys latest posts about Telecoms excessive WAP charges?
[20:33] <freitasm> Symantec gave us 512MB USB memory keys. Telecom New Zealand is sponsoring the tshirts "Geeks get IT". The
  world famous Geekzone pens are there too. And a few flashcards.co.nz USB memory keys to give away, and the possibility of a
  Telecom phone or PDA as well.
[20:33] <Cokemaster> Would you rather have the car, or the 1gb WAP data?
[20:33] * ljbade[away] has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[20:33] <GZNeoTech> thanks MF.. just rub in the pain!
[20:33] <NokiaRocks> 1gb WAP data
[20:33] <Chirs> lmao
[20:33] <JAMMAN2110> oh nice
[20:33] <Chirs> @ GZNeoTech..
[20:33] * NokiaRocks is looking forward to the new memory keys
[20:34] * JAMMAN2110 is looking forward to the t-shirt
[20:34] <Cokemaster> All of the above
[20:34] <JAMMAN2110> anyone want to bet on how long it takes the noobs to understand the IT part?
[20:34] <NokiaRocks> no
[20:34] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:34] <NokiaRocks> n00bs hurt my head
[20:34] <freitasm> IT as in s3x?
[20:34] <freitasm> Or IT as in I. T.?
[20:34] <Chirs> lol
[20:34] <freitasm> Or it as in... it?
[20:34] <bradstewart> but geeks do get 'IT'
[20:34] <Jp9> less time than 11 types of people in the world.
[20:34] <Chirs> I.TTT
[20:34] <NokiaRocks> lol s3x
[20:34] <JAMMAN2110> no as in "people who get IT" .. no wait that means S3x as well!
[20:34] <bradstewart> nerds dont however
[20:35] <NokiaRocks> nerds like wegies
[20:35] <freitasm> Good point... Nerds won't...
[20:35] <Chirs> geeks get everything, even jokes that are told by jamman
[20:35] <NokiaRocks> dont knock jamman
[20:35] <JAMMAN2110> http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=18&TopicId=8834 <- another new join only wanting help and
  then leaving us
[20:35] <freitasm> Ok, changing topic...
[20:35] <NokiaRocks> thats my job
[20:35] <bradstewart> but then theres no nerds here. i did love that nerd vs geek debate
[20:35] <JAMMAN2110> lol @ nr
[20:36] <JAMMAN2110> awesome debate that was
[20:36] <Chirs> so then, which side won?
[20:36] <Jp9> i love that quote about the auckland thing
[20:36] <NokiaRocks> how can telecom only make $1million a week when 1GB is $60,000? thats not too many GB's of data going
  through the network
[20:37] <bradstewart> MF next topic is?
[20:37] <NokiaRocks> !ping
[20:37] <freitasm> Your questions about the URL?
[20:37] <geekbot> The magical ping spell was cast by  NokiaRocks somewhere in the realm. An eerie quietness hung over
  NokiaRocks's aura for about 1 seconds
[20:38] <bradstewart> oh yeah did you change something with the blog redirection?
[20:38] <NokiaRocks> *whistles*
[20:38] <freitasm> Yes...
[20:38] <bradstewart> no playing with geekbot during the chat or i will devoice you
[20:38] <bradstewart> oh that explains all the 404's
[20:39] <freitasm> Until last week the blog redirection was based on a custom 404 redirecting the request to blog.asp... I've
  changed that because lots of people had www.geekzone.co.nz/blog.asp?blogid=1 instead of www.geekzone.co.nz/freitasm.
[20:39] <freitasm> Bad for links...
[20:39] <bradstewart> ahhhh
[20:39] <bradstewart> yeah
[20:39] <freitasm> I then changed to use a response.execute instead of response.redirect. This prevents the browser changing
  the URL in the bar... But sometimes not.
[20:39] <bradstewart> yeah i noticed it works only half the time
[20:39] <freitasm> However, have you noticed how the Google Ads are much better targeted now?
[20:40] <bradstewart> yes!
[20:40] <bradstewart> no more random smilecity ones
[20:40] <freitasm> Because most of the times they were targeted to "blogs" because of "blog.asp", regardless of content.
[20:40] <NokiaRocks> what was the URL to the list of all the GZ blogs?
[20:40] <freitasm> Now that the URL won't change they target the content.
[20:40] <freitasm> http://www.geekzone.co.nz/blogindex.asp
[20:40] <bradstewart> excellent
[20:40] <bradstewart> the blogs keep getting better
[20:41] <Cokemaster> Indeed
[20:41] <bradstewart> so are they still 'beta'?
[20:41] <bradstewart> lol gmail has been in beta for years
[20:41] <Jp9> one might argue windows has too. 
[20:41] <freitasm> So, the change was for better: better links from other sites, better targeting. But sometimes a browser will
  show the 404.asp script URL that is used to process the "notfound". Because there is no /freitasm or /chiefie directory on
  the server, it's just a "notfound" that I customised.... Clever?
[20:41] <bradstewart> cant quite figure out why
[20:41] <Jp9> <pessimistic streak>
[20:41] <bradstewart> very clever
[20:41] <freitasm> Nope, I don't think it's a beta anymore.
[20:41] <bradstewart> !beer mauricio
[20:41] <geekbot> Hang on, let me check the fridge....
[20:42] <geekbot> Hey mauricio - heres a cold beer, courtesy of bradstewart
[20:42] <bradstewart> anyone got  an answer on the gmail beta?
[20:42] <JAMMAN2110> [20:39] <bradstewart> no playing with geekbot during the chat or i will devoice you
[20:42] <freitasm> And with this change and the CSS customisation I expect the blogs to be more attractive to our geeks!
[20:42] <bradstewart> jamman...im a hypocritical op. and MF deserved it
[20:42] <Cokemaster> Well said bradstewart
[20:42] <bradstewart> yes it very good.
[20:43] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:43] <Chirs> you must devoice yourself.
[20:43] <freitasm> Ok... Any more questions on Geekzone life (anything on the site)? If not suggestions for next topic?
[20:43] <JAMMAN2110> countdown timer on the front until event 06
[20:43] <JAMMAN2110> ;)
[20:43] <freitasm> Hmmm. Good one.
[20:43] <GZNeoTech> Sanyo 5600 - New - $399.. if only it had bluetooth
[20:44] <JAMMAN2110> dont to seconds
[20:44] <JAMMAN2110> down to*
[20:44] <bradstewart> also i want opinions on my new blog design. had a few negative comments so im thinking of changing it
[20:44] <freitasm> Did anyone else read this entry from Chiefie's blog: http://www.geekzone.co.nz/chiefie/954
[20:44] <freitasm> .
[20:45] <Jp9> just another idea, might be worth sending an email a week or two out to everyone registered. confirm attentance.
  then you can catch anyone that cancels without notifying.
[20:45] <JAMMAN2110> yes i read that
[20:45] <bradstewart> very sad
[20:45] <Cokemaster> Another Opera user - http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums.asp?ForumId=38&TopicId=8835
[20:45] <freitasm> It's ok... The read links in the black sidebard are quite invisible. And perhaps a little less read on the
[20:45] * JAMMAN2110 went and got a blood test - all healthy
[20:46] <bradstewart> hmm might change that then
[20:46] <JAMMAN2110> actually i was alreayd having that test but ya know ;)
[20:46] <bradstewart> why does opera do that?
[20:46] <freitasm> jp9, yes I will do that, thanks.
[20:46] <freitasm> Crap software.
[20:46] <bradstewart> lol
[20:46] <Cokemaster> lol
[20:47] <freitasm> I can change the RTF to disable itself on Opera.
[20:47] <freitasm> I will probably do it.
[20:47] <bradstewart> i end up hitting backspace while tinymce is loading and it goes back a page
[20:47] <Chirs> lmao
[20:47] <Chirs> addquote
[20:47] <Cokemaster> No comment
[20:47] <Cokemaster> ;)
[20:48] <freitasm> Does anyone here have an Apache?
[20:48] <JAMMAN2110> no :(
[20:48] <Cokemaster> Brad broke his
[20:48] <Chirs> i almost did! if it wasn't for the nice looking treo
[20:48] <Jp9> assuming you mean smartphone. not webserver
[20:48] <bradstewart> ssssssh
[20:48] <Cokemaster> Well, murdered was the word used?
[20:48] <bradstewart> they will all kill me
[20:48] <GZNeoTech> still harrier
[20:49] * geekbot has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[20:49] <bradstewart> oh no
[20:49] <bradstewart> there goes the bot
[20:49] <Cokemaster> Seems Geekbot was hosted on brads apache
[20:49] <bradstewart> lol. it got fried :-(
[20:49] <Chirs> stop hitting the backspace then :p
[20:49] <freitasm> Oh, shame... I have a Vaja case for HTC Apache here...
[20:49] <JAMMAN2110> tony jsut came on msn :D
[20:50] <bradstewart> i may or may not have fallen into our pool with the apache in my pocket
[20:50] <freitasm> Hmmm. My MSN was off.
[20:50] <freitasm> ]Do you have a pool?
[20:50] <freitasm> wow!
[20:50] <freitasm> Nice!
[20:50] <freitasm> Cool!
[20:50] <bradstewart> yes
[20:50] <freitasm> Rich...
[20:50] <bradstewart> :-D
[20:50] * JAMMAN2110 use to have a pool - long story
[20:50] <bradstewart> not really
[20:50] <GZNeoTech> I saw a Harrier today that didn't survive the drop into the engine bay of a diesel bohemouth
[20:50] <bradstewart> its just a spa pool
[20:50] <bradstewart> big one
[20:51] <Chirs> geekzone 06 has now changed venues
[20:51] <Cokemaster> Heh
[20:51] <bradstewart> ???
[20:51] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:51] <bradstewart> not at my place
[20:51] * JAMMAN2110 understood chirs
[20:52] <Chirs> i know, you get IT
[20:52] <Chirs> lmao
[20:52] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:52] <JAMMAN2110> yes .. i to
[20:52] <freitasm> I have an original i-mate Pocket PC, which I can't sell, give away or anything because it's running a beta
  OS.. I dropped it on the floor, at home. It hit the corner of the speaker stand. And cost the insurance almost $500 to repair
  it. It broke the connector (charge/sync) at the bottom.
[20:52] <JAMMAN2110> i do*
[20:52] <bradstewart> i dont want lots of pasty white pimply geeks in my pool thank you
[20:52] <freitasm> You looking in the mirror lately, brad?
[20:52] <bradstewart> nerds i should say
[20:52] <Chirs> >:( @ bradstewart
[20:53] <GZNeoTech> rude
[20:53] * bradstewart is trying to deflect the nerday stereotype AWAY from himself
[20:53] <Cokemaster> But is failing
[20:53] <Chirs> lol
[20:53] <bradstewart> apparently
[20:53] <freitasm> Hmmm. Symantec sent me something to review... It will be a hard case: Symantec Backup Exec 10d... Backup for
  Windows Server. The manual alone is more than 1100 pages.
[20:53] <bradstewart> hmm im nudge flooding tony but he wont respond
[20:53] <Chirs> omg
[20:54] <Cokemaster> sms bomb him?
[20:54] <GZNeoTech> just what I need MF.. you seen the price?
[20:54] <freitasm> Yep, about US$800.
[20:54] <JAMMAN2110> nice
[20:54] <bradstewart> just WLM nudges. with nudge protection disabled. thanks to the mess patch
[20:54] <GZNeoTech> just had to quote it for a customer
[20:54] <Chirs> is that for the book itself
[20:54] <Chirs> haha
[20:54] <freitasm> But that's the price in the USA. I haven't seen it here.
[20:55] <freitasm> Folks, last 5 minutes of log. Anyone want another subject?
[20:55] <GZNeoTech> about the same.. dealer buy
[20:55] <bradstewart> yes please..
[20:55] <JAMMAN2110> i still need a colour .. or im jsut painting it black
[20:55] <freitasm> Brown is ok.
[20:55] <Cokemaster> Purple
[20:55] <GZNeoTech> green
[20:55] <Chirs> brown x2
[20:55] <bradstewart> pink 4 jamman
[20:56] <Chirs> *purple
[20:56] <JAMMAN2110> PURPLE GREEN BLACK AND BROWN! with pink trimming
[20:56] <Cokemaster> Pink/purple
[20:56] <Chirs> and trills
[20:56] <GZNeoTech> shuzbut
[20:56] <JAMMAN2110> and fluffy white lace
[20:56] <freitasm> <marquee><blink><strong><italic><strike>
[20:56] <bradstewart> lol
[20:56] <JAMMAN2110> oh nice
[20:56] <Chirs> tampon not provided
[20:56] <Cokemaster> Good grief ]
[20:56] * geekbot has joined #geekzone
[20:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o geekbot
[20:56] <bradstewart> okk
[20:56] <bradstewart> !update the stats geekbot
[20:57] <Chirs> wb geekbot :/
[20:57] <geekbot> QuickStats by mIRCStats - Top talkers for the last 10 days: Cokemaster: 3019 lines, bradstewart: 2364,
  JAMMAN2110: 1901, tonyhughes: 1669, NokiaRocks: 704, psychrn: 592, Chiefie: 568, retardinator2: 524, barf: 489, freitasm: 475
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[20:57] <geekbot> You're welcome Chirs
[20:57] -geekbot:@#geekzone- NOTE TO OPS: I said "You're welcome Chirs" c/o Cokemaster (use /msg geekbot say #channel
[20:57] <geekbot> #geekzone thanks chris. good to see you again too xoxoxo
[20:57] -geekbot:@#geekzone- NOTE TO OPS: bradstewart broadcasted to all channels:  #geekzone thanks chris. good to see
  you again too xoxoxo
[20:57] <JAMMAN2110> i thknitza tonys
[20:57] <Chirs> malfunction detected
[20:58] <freitasm> Hmm.
[20:58] <Chirs> lol coke is a bad influence on you
[20:58] <Cokemaster> On whom?
[20:58] <JAMMAN2110> anyone up for *starcraft* after this?
[20:58] <freitasm> Yes. I just wonder why he does it. Perhaps just to keep the connection up?
[20:59] <Chirs> Hmm i wonder
[20:59] <Chirs> lol
[20:59] <JAMMAN2110> lol
[20:59] <freitasm> If it was DII:LOD, or CS or DoD, or BF1942...
[20:59] <JAMMAN2110> hmmm
[20:59] <JAMMAN2110> nah i only have starcraft installed
[20:59] <Chirs> lol
[20:59] <JAMMAN2110> and im itching to pwn coke
[20:59] <Cokemaster> JAMMAN2110, sorry... GPRS is good for games
[20:59] <bradstewart> total annihilation or NHL06
[21:00] <JAMMAN2110> but he knows i will so he wont play :P
[21:00] <GZNeoTech> haven't played that inyears
[21:00] <bradstewart> or civilisation4
[21:00] <Cokemaster> Now now JAMMAN2110 in our two 1v1 games... you got owned quite badly
[21:00] <Cokemaster> And you know it
[21:00] <freitasm> Ok, folks... 9pm, this is the end of the log... Thank you everyone for participating, joking and having most
  of all fun tonight....
[21:00] <freitasm> Cheers all!
[21:00] <JAMMAN2110> i came close to killing you
[21:00] <bradstewart> thanks MF
[21:00] <Chirs> ta MF
[21:00] <GZNeoTech> cheers Mauricio
End of #geekzone buffer    Tue Aug 01 21:00:58 2006