DS9: VF charged me full price for Max even though I was meant to have it for $95 so to say sorry I have also got free national calling for the year, so to keep me I got: Free Modem/Router, free double data(year), free national calling(year) and $10 discount on plan(year). I am happy with this bundle.

now i feel stink about the deal they gave me :(

My switch to Snap took exactly five working days and was so smooth and straightforward.

The speed at peak time of the day is as good and even slightly better than VF so far.

I'm on the $115 for 255gb data plus landline; you also get uncapped data between 1am and 7am for three consecutive days for just $5 extra and you could have that add-on as many times a month as possible

I wish I had switched one month and half ago.  Many of my friends wanting more data each month switched to Snap as well.

i would have swapped too! the only reason vodafone kept me is that i got more data for no extra money. so far so good i have only used 25Gb in 2 weeks, have not felt i was holding back either. still have 18 days to use 95 Gbs!!.