So I have had and I watch it on my connected media player (Boxee Box) and it worked perfectly in March, April and May.  Then in June it just fell apart.  Now it buffers every 30 seconds and makes it totally unwatchable.

I have a friend that lives in the same neighborhood and has but he is on Orcon and he has no issues with buffering whatsoever.

When I watch the games I can see that it pulls about 1.1mbps and then I just watch the throughput drop down to .4mpbs and then it spikes up again.

The problem is not my connection because I'm about 200 feet from my cabinet and I synch at 20mbps and I can always pull 17-18mbps in speedtesting local traffic or by running a torrent speed test.  The problem is very specific to my streaming data from

Does anyone else here on Telstra use and have similar problems?

This is pretty much a deal killer for me and if Telstra can't fix it, I will have to move to another ISP.

I have filed a ticket with Telstra, but the rep I have spoken to has no idea what the problem is and I'm waiting to hear back while they research the issue.