I've just bought a new Motorola V6Max phone supposedly new and ex Vodafone stock from a seller on Trademe. Everything about the packaging and all new untouched accessories suggest it is probably what it's supposed to be BUT on startup, after the Vodafone splash screen the phone displays a message i've never seen before which kind of suggests it was actually a service or test phone of some sort and not intended for resale :

Motorola test unit active panic report and logging are enabled, SMS will be sent when the phone panics.

The phone itself had been out of the packaging  before sale and the battery is somewhat fussy about taking a charge. Given i had to buy yet another new phone while i was away from home for the past week as this one would not charge via USB (only ex mains) and proved very unreliable on a data connection i contacted the seller who is now proving awkward. Just wondering if anyone better informed than me or from Vodafone / Motorola can throw any light on the meaning or implications of that message thanks ?