ReaperZ: the problem seems to be fixed !! 2 days worth of monitoring by me and not a single drop out.

thanks TCL for finally fixing it - i look forward to my credit on the account also Smile

Hi ReaperZ, I live in Trentham Upper Hutt and I'm looking at signing up to TelstraClear Broadband. I have been following this thread with interest having held off getting TelstraClear Broadband till this Upper Hutt issue was resolved. Can I safely signup now and be problem free? Are other Upper Hutt customers also running okay now?

Hi geek4me

yes all the problems have been resolved, and this is the first problem ive EVER had with TCL, .. cable is AMAZING compared to adsl, it totally blows it away in every possible aspect, if you want you are more than welcome to come over and check out the speeds i can achieve here.