Cylon: My sentiment also Bye Bye xnet after 5 yrs, its not the money its the lack of solutions when you have a fault, vfx is gone altogether this morning, forced onto my mobile.

This is not the place for their faultfinding I have better things to do, i just want a phone that goes
Orcon here I come

Well I must say that I haven't had a problem with my VFX for years, back in the day it used to be one way calls and other stuff. But over the past few years I haven't had any problems with the phone. We were just using the linksys pap2t, and a allied telesyn modem. I think haven't a decent modem helps with the general internet stability.

Well anyway, we are scheduled to get swapped over to Orcon tomorrow, will see how well the changover goes.
I'm assuming not as planned as there was some confusion on our signup order, ended up having 2 orders out to do the same thing, then I told them to cancel one, I get emails the next day saying both got cancelled. Then when i rang up to tell them they assured me that one was still active, even tho I got the cancellation email. Then a few days later I received 2 genius modems on the courier, and had to send 1 back. And when I rang Xnet they had no notification of the changover.
I think the Orcon sales call centre are not the brightest people. But once its all changed over hopefully won't have to deal with them much.