you're lucky to be just out of reach of the exchange and on a cabinet... The exchange coverage stretches just far enough for Ghostextechnica and I.  You are appox half way between our two locations :P

i'm on euba wholesale connection with callplus and its rock solid.  a switch might be worth a shot.  maybe the chorus equip works better at distance than the Vodafone red equip

I'm surprised by the size of that non-cabnetised exchange area...  looks like some prime realestate there won't have VDSL avaiable and won't get UFB for a good while either?  ouch.

Hmm... I wonder what affect the different target SNRM on wholesale vs red network would have here; 6db on red network vs 12 on wholesale right? I'm guessing vodafone would have changed this from their end as part of troubleshooting for OP though.

This can be changed fairly easily with a profile change on the Red Network, Takes a Minute at most.

Its more of a patch than a fix but it can certainly make a minor problem vanish completely or a moderate problem much more manageable.