I finally realised that for an extra $10 a month I could go from 100GB to 200GB per month, which is plenty.

I have the reduced price BB as I have as on account mobile plan. I was originally offered a $40 or $30 phone plan both with 1.5GB data bonus and opted for the $40 as it had the extra 100 mins/1000SMS with best mate and 200 anytime minutes but soon realised that I don't need a best mate with 200 minutes and extra 1000 SMS as I never get anywhere near it anyway.
I am still waiting 2 days later for someone from Vodafone to call me back [they were reluctant to let me stay on hold for some reason, call stats maybe?] with regards to going from the $40 mobile plan down to the $30 plan to offset this extra $10 I am paying on BB.

Tick tick