Hi there

The recent main modems we've supplied like the Vodafone Broadband Complete and Vodafone Station have had the ability to automatically provision their associated username and password.

The serial number of the modem we send you is registered on your account and associated with your broadband login. When your modem is first turned on and connected to a Vodafone broadband connection it contacts Vodafone with the serial number and then receives the associated username and password. This means you can plug in the modem and within a couple of minutes it will have self configured, then just connect to wifi and you're away.

For most people this is a much better experience than with other modems where you need to manually navigate around the modem interface and configure it before it can be used.

If you're passing your Vodafone modem on to someone else to use instead, that's okay, just login to My Vodafone first at www.vodafone.co.nz and click on "Manage your modem", then you can choose to "Unregister modem". I would recommend then also factory resetting the modem so it clears the saved password and other configuration.

For this feature to work you need a compatible modem and firmware, and the modem needs to be associated with an active broadband login and the modem needs to be used on a Vodafone ADSL connection.

Hope that helps.