Dairusire: Quick question, I myself am on 2degrees (with a old 021 number) and the mrs who is with vodafone. It's been affecting my 2 degrees number aswell as my other 027 (work number). These are related I assume?

We're aware of a delay with texts between us and Telecom - can you describe the issue you're having with texts from 2Degrees? Some more detail would be awesome.

The issue started roughly 2 days ago, similarly to the telecom issue. Every so often she will not receive messages from me, quite often though they are longer messages, usually 160 characters or longer seem to be the norm if they are lost. This is also replicated when I try with the Telecom. The issue is also sporadic, and does not seem to have any sort of pattern to the issue. If you would like phone numbers etc just pm me.