coffeebaron: Definitely a choice in the web portal to either have these calls rejected with some message, or sent to voicemail would be great!

The "Advanced" features (as per my review) can do all that for you, and a lot more besides.

Not quite: You can as you have illustrated use the "call forwarding selective" to voicemail as a work around to achieve this. However, this creates some other complications, particularly if you want to use the "selective acceptance" option. It would be good if these features had the option to send to voicemail, rather than just a "rejection message".
I would like to be able to use the "selective acceptance" feature for after hours / night-time, that way it would still allow incoming calls from certain people. The problem is, the callers it won't accept just get told I'm not accepting calls. The only way to get around this using "call forwarding selective" means you would have to divert the calls you want to receive to an alternative number (like to my cell-phone on silent mode??).
All up though, the advanced features are great! CommPilot Express is very handy