lookout: OK, a couple more questions about rbi... Sorry if OT (let me know if I should start a separate thread)

1. Does RBI suffer from congestion/slow downs at peak times?

2. What speeds can you realistically get with clear line-of-sight to the tower?

3. What home phones are compatible with the 3g modem?

4. Can you get call id/waiting etc?

I can answer most of those:

1)  A little, but it's far better than it was in early 2012 when I first signed up.  In recent times, I'm still getting around 10Mbps down at peak times.  In off-peak I get up to 15Mbps.

2)  My cell tower is 12km away, in clear line-of-sight.  Speed measured a few minutes ago is:

3)  Any home phone with an RJ11 plug.  To be honest, I prefer to use WxC's VoIP service with an external ATA, rather than the built-in phone jack.

4)  With the built-in phone jack you get Caller ID, but not Call Waiting AFAIK.  However, with WxC's VoIP service, you get both of those and a whole lot more for just $11 per month.